• Play Over 100 Tunes
  • Choose whatever tunes you want
  • Go through the lot randomly at the press of a single button!
  • Also opens in a seperate pop-up box so you can take it where-ever you go!


The first of it's kind, remember where you saw it folks! An innovative and simple idea put together to form a brilliant and original feature that's exclusive to Lee-yoshi.co.uk! It's like all those channels you see on Sky Digital, except you actually are in control! Don't like a song? Change it! You can't do that on your tele ;)

There's currently 100 songs on the playlist that'll be randomly selected for your viewing pleasurbility, so what are you waiting for? Click the image/link above and get started!

What video's/features would you like to see added on the Music Video Player?
What songs do you love/hate?

Use the Shoutbox below to tell us! Nice and free :D

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