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***Please Note: Due to the oldness of this news, some pages may have disappeared and some features been discontinued, and therefore the links will not work any longer. If you find any links that do link you to a dead page, be sure to contact yours truely!

31st August 2006 Reformed!
Yes, that's right! has been reborn and reproduced from scratch into something that makes your eyes go 'weeeeeeeeee!', your panda bears go 'neigh' and your squirrels go nuts! Many many hours has been spent, and i'm sure you'll agree it's worth it all ^_^

Yes, we're back and look at this place, it's quite different eh? Well, the backgrounds the same, and some bits do look the same as always yea, but what about everything else eh? Check all this sh*t out motherf****rs!!!:
  • ALL NEW!!! Layout & Menu Design - Hover over the 'Games', 'Fan Works', 'Other Stuff', or 'Links' parts of the above banner on any page and the menu expands across the top of the page!
  • Rebuilt & Updated Left Hand Side Menu's - Also now including a small version of the new Music Video Player (More Below)
  • ALL NEW!!! Website Headers - Look, there's several pretty website headers to go through!
  • ALL NEW!!! Widescreen - Up with the times eh? Some pages are brought to you in Widescreen! You'll notice them when you see them! It basically means you need a wider screen or higher screen resolution to view the whole thing without having to scroll left and right across the page - Perfect for Widescreens! Pages include Galleries, some Games & More...
  • ALL NEW!!! E-Mail Address - If you want to get in contact, be sure to use the new address found on the 'About' page (Available from any page on
  • Rebuilt & Updated Games Section
  • Rebuilt Fan Works Section
  • Rebuilt Other Stuff Sector
    • ALL NEW!!! Music Section
      • ALL NEW!!! Video Music Player - The first of it's kind as you can play through 100 songs (Music Videos) either in a randomly compiled playlist or as you want to hear them, and all legally & free! - Look out for further updates and tell me what you want through the Shoutbox on this page! Simplified and smaller version also available on many pages of the main site on the left hand side. Now you can rock out all over! Go on, give it a try ;-)
    • Rebuilt & Updated Signature Gallery

  • And Much, Much More...

Be sure to let us know what you think of all the amazing new updates, and see what else you can find that's different with the site! The shoutbox is always free for anyone to use & abuse, or you can use the wonderful world of E-Mail contactingness (E-Mail Address available here).

17th April 2006

About f**kin' time!
Ever since the 14th January, i've left the trailer for January's events online on this frontpage as my last update, promising the full video's not long after... well, as i promised, just 3 months later, they're here, ALONGSIDE a whole new series of events that have recently taken place! Yes, presents yet more stupid sh*t that we all love so much!

Smile!Bullsh*t, Beers & Broken Bottles

MORE Fun with Fire!

Enjoy! There's some really good sh*t here, as always! Bargain!

14th January 2006

Here We Go Again!
Making another return to comes yet more from the creators of 'Fun with Fire' and the ever popular 'Fun with Microwaves'. In a turn of events away from the 'Fun' aspect of it all, comes "Bullsh*t, Beers, and Broken Bottles". What can you expect? Well, pretty much the same as the kind of antics you've already seen in the previous releases of total sillyness here. You'll also find many clues in the name too!

The clips will be here soon enough, but in the meantime, get excited through this very cool teaser trailer which you can download by clicking the links below! Yay!

Click Here to View/Download the Full-Size Version! [32.7Mb]

Click Here to View/Download the Smaller Version! [9.09Mb]

[.wmv Files]

24th December 2005

Enjoy a Lee-yoshi Christmas... Online!
This Christmas your very own Lee-yoshi is totally online what with the being home from University n'all, and in pratically any way shape or form! Maybe you'd like to play some Phantasy Star Online eh? Well i'll be online on the Nintendo Gamecube Episodes I & II, and Episode III on December 27th for battle competitions hosted through No? Then how about a friendly game of Mario Kart DS? It's a lot easier to hook me up if you've got my friends code, which you can find by clicking here! What's more, on that page, you can also find my Xbox360 Gamertag! That's right, i'm now a Xbox Live Subscriber on top of it all, so if you fancy a game of Need for Speed: Most Wanted or Perfect Dark: Zero, dial me up!

Still no? Well in that case look out for me on Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst anytime over christmas, i'll no doubt be making a few appearances!

Finally what with this being Christmas Eve and everything, i'll take this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year too. Have a good one folks and folkettes!

16th December 2005

Sweet Merry of Christmas!
Well Oh My God. Did i really only last update on the 13th of October? Oh well, i have been very busy at university lately, so here's an extra extra extra large super mega ultra bumper bundle of updates!

The first thing to post about is... well... in a way... confess a sin if you'd like to call it that. For some of you who maybe about to read this may end up open jawed for the next 10 minutes or so. Why? I've purchased myself an Xbox360! Yes, the very same Lee-yoshi, yours truely, the fan otherwise known as the Nintendo man, has bought himself a non-Nintendo console. "WHAT?>!("^*?" I hear you cry (And yes, i heard you say things like "Pound Sign, Open Bracket, Open Speech marks just then too!) well for all the information on the purchase, with reasons why, and very cool and hilarious downloadable video's of the two games i've got featuring my gameplay on them (Perfect Dark: Zero & Need for Speed: Most Wanted), click here!

The next biggest update is an obvious one. With there being such a long gap between this update and the last, you can only imagine how many snapshots have been built up in the Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Gallery!

There is now over 920 Snapshots altogether, with 170 of them being all new! All the new snapshots start at the 751st Snapshot and over page when you get there, and just as an extra, i know how many people miss the funny little comments i put beside them, so the Lee-yoshi comments are back with these all new Snapshots, which display so many different aspects of Blue Burst, all i can immediately remember are the fact that it includes Hallowe'en and Christmas, and of course the bits inbetween! lol! Click Here to go to the Blue Burst Gallery.

There is of course more! I know i said i've been very busy at University, but all work and no play makes Lee-yoshi a dull boy. Yours truely has been randomly playing a few other online games recently too you see for a small while, and as i play, i of course like to take pictures! That's bloody obvious though, i mean come on! That's why i present to you, 2 new Snapshot Galleries to RAN Online (Click Here), a MMORPG of sorts which includes a more 'kick the crap out of everyone else as much as you like in a Chinese University' feel to it, and to SilkRoad (Click Here), an MMORPG that's much more familiar as it once again tries to take on the 'World of Warcraft' feel that just about every other game tries to recreate. They're both great games and free to play, and both are amazingly popular, all of the time, so why not go and check out the games themselves sometime.

There's also loads of other small little updates, such as the one on my Signature page at the moment which is the main one i can think of at this time, so check that page out too, as if you haven't got enough to look at already!

Then of course there is the last update, the very christmassy feeling one. has been blessed by a bastardful of snow this time around, and half of the new christmas features i have just put up have already frozen over! One new special feature is the change from the random characters that used to appear on the left hand menu, they've now changed to several pictures of special animals at christmas! Can you catch them all?

That's it from me folks, see you most likely in the new year! Until then, Merry Chrimbo, and a Happy New Year!

13th October 2005

Howdi Folks - Lee-yoshi with an unbeatable offer!
That's right, you may have seem them around various places on the internet, free iPod, free PlayStation2, free this and free that... well guess what... THEY'RE NOT SCAMS! After finding out several people i work with have recieved free stuff, such as iPods from these offers, guess what i immediately went and signed myself up for... that's right, Xbox360! How does it work? Easy, you sign-up, and get other people to sign-up using your links, and you and them sign-up for one offer they advertise (Note my handy tip!), and after getting however many you need, you get a free Xbox360!! Of course i don't know if the Xbox360 one works or not because it's not out yet, but i hope to when it is out. By signing up from my link to, you get me one step closer to a free console, and you start it off fresh and get yourself one too, AMAZING! Read all about it by clicking here . Please do it, please! It's not too much to ask is it? ^_^

Also while i'm here, i may aswell announce i'm working on re-establishing my Tales of Symphonia webpages. See it all as it happens by clicking here! Until next time folk and folkettes, ciao!

1st October 2005

This update comes at you mostly Phantasy Star Online orientated! With 3 small updates, the first is a brand new video i've recently made for a friend, and decided to whack up on my website too, which basically shows off gameplay of Phantasy Star Online, Episodes I & II of mine, through Questing, Battling, and just going on a wild Adventure in general! To view that video, clicking here! Lastly, of course, you guessed it, it's yet more additions to the Blue Burst Gallery! After recieving all new weapons and stuff from my progress through the recent 'Yahoo! Cup' they held, i now show them off in action... a stick of Bamboo, a Golf Club... and one hell of a giant fan! As well as that there's also general Episode IV play, Phantismal World #1 Questing, and more! Click here to go to the gallery, and the new snaps start at a #660. For everything Phantasy Star Online on, just click here buddy! ^_^


25th September 2005

Woah! An update!
I've finally got settled in to University and i'm now all nice and cosy - So let's update my website... except this could take a while because the internet is... well ill just say poop. Regardless, there is one now, so yay!

Firstly, i've gone around and fixed a few links that were previously broken (I noticed a few of the image weren't working either!). Secondly, i've added another one of my Anime-styled drawings to the 'My Anime' part of my website (Click Here). It was drawn a while ago, i've just never gotten around to posting it up... until now of course! Thirdly, i've updated all my Phantasy Star Online statistics so they're more up-to-date (Click Here). Fourthly, the webpage which holds pratically all my forum signatures has been updated with all my current catalogue of Stacey Keibler images, and a Resident Evil one aswell for the Capcom forums i use, which if i may say so myself is pretty cool! Click Here to go to the Signatures page. Fifthly (Is that even a word?) i've adjusted the links at the top of your index page, mainly because they're out of date now and i use a different music player plug-in (Mainly just because it allows me to do more, like the extra banner at the top of the page which tells you which song i'm listening too, RIGHT NOW!), while Xiang seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth... so f**k knows what happened there!

And then we come to the final update which as you may have guessed is an update for my HUGE Phantasy Star online: Blue Burst Snapshot Gallery! This time, there's 68 snaps to view (Starting from #598) which you can view by clicking right here! However due to this seriously lame internet connection, i may not be able to play PSO for much longer while i'm here :(

Until next time folks...

6th September 2005

Death to School!
This week there's a brand new webpage available on after my previous night out which involved me giving all 7 years of my school life a good funeral! Everyone knows that the only good way to go is through being incinerated, so that's exactly what i did! Me and a good friend of mine took a trip down to a stone beach where we set it all up in smoke, and just for fun, it's all available for you to see too! Watch the send off to subjects such as french, maths, and R.S! View it all by clicking here, or get a brief introduction to the whole page, by watching this great trailer (.wmv file) showing you what it was all about in under 1 minute!

That's not all we;ve got this week though, as there's 30 new Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Snapshots to view (Starting from #567) which you can view by clicking right here!

30th August 2005

More Blue Burstin' Snaps & My First Anime's!
I'm still about, and still happyily gaming away on the greatness that is Phantasy Star Online - Getting myself onto the Maximum Attack Leaderboard at the moment, so w00t for me! With great gaming, comes great gaming moments, and you can be sure i captured them all, posting them all up into the massive Blue Burst Snapshot Gallery. This week's snaps start at around 513 i think, and go right up until #566! That's a lot of great moments!

Click Here for the Gallery!

Also this week is another brand spanking new section! Since i'm so into all this Anime stuff, it makes sense to give some anime of my own a try really? Well, now i'm teaching myself, and you can look at a few of the results already that were actually finished (While many others were thrown away!) by clicking on over to the brand new 'My Anime' section. With more practice comes better pictures... so the saying goes! ^_^

24th August 2005

New Yahoo! Cup Blue Burst Snapshots!
Here's another update! Yes, you guessed it, there's loads more Blue Burst snapshots to enjoy today, fresh from the disk! With the release of a new competition (The Yahoo! Cup) on Maximum Attack, expect to see a lot of action packed shots, shots of freezing (Or being frozen!), or just other general sillyness you have come to expect from ya boy! There's now over 500 in total!!!

Click Here for the Gallery!

The New Snapshots start from Snap 448!

15th August 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
As i told you all last week, this week is the last update in the Regeneration Tour. So how can i end it all? Well for starters, the main menu that you use to browse the website on the left hand side of the screen has grown a fair bit to accommodate all the new bits and pieces that have appeared and grown during the Regenration Tour. There's also a change to the character's you spy down the side of the screen too, incase you were getting a bit bored of the usual suspects.

The main aspect is something which you won't be able to notice, as piggybacks onto Xiang so that it can be updated while i'm away at University! Don't ask, it's confusing to me too! If you have put this website into your Favourites list however, you may need to update that Favourites shortcut if the URL has changed since we've gone piggybacking!

Of course, other items include this weeks batch of new screens in the PSO: Blue Burst Gallery - Almost 450 this week, including a few more Episode IV snaps. Click Here for the Gallery!

Finally, the last edition of the Regeneration Tour diary is up. Just goes to show that all good things come to an end eventually! Click Here to go to the Regeneration Tour Diary. will still be updated however, so dont fear altogether, i just can't tell you when and how often as my life becomes much more involved then usual...

10th August 2005

Let the Upgrading begin!
Just doing some upgrades boys and girls. If starts to mess with your head and some wierd messages hit your screen, let me know a.s.a.p please at either or on the forums.

9th August 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
Well, what can i do to this website this week that'll top last weeks update? Say it in announcements? Well... in that case lets split the announcements into two. First, good news, as in updates to this week! There's now well over 400 Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Snapshots this week (Wow!). To be exact, there's 426, and thats really too many, but guess what, we're not stopping! There's just so many great moments, we're gonna try and bring them all this way! If you play Blue Burst, let me know on the forums by clicking here, otherwise, just look at this weeks snaps aswell as the other three hundred and however many we're available at the end of last week! Click Here you snappy happy maniac! also brings you another brand new gallery. A few weeks ago we brought you a new Dynasty Warriors Gallery (Amazing if you love Dynasty Warriors, and girls! haha!), and this week, i bring you a new gallery showcasing yet another huge line-up of sexy pixellations from the game of Tekken! Many memorable characters from all the series are there, with more soon hopefully!

Click Here to go to the Tekken Babes Gallery

Then to top it all off, another update in the Regeneration Tour's Diary. Click Here to go to the Regeneration Tour Diary.

Talking of the Regeneration Tour, it's time to bring across the bad news :(

The Regeneration Tour, the tour thats added as much as has been added over the summer to this website, is ending next week. This is mainly due to the fact that i'm off to University in September and wont have as much time on my hands to update this website as i'd like. And indeed with me moving away, it will mean i cannot update this website at all until i move back into where i'm residing now or another place with a personal phone line (It's the way this website has to be updated, very complicated but rewarding!). A very bad step indeed, and in fact another reason why Xiang has appeared on the net recently (Which will also be re-designed at a later date if you hate it atm!), as that website can be updated. HOWEVER do not fear fans of as i am taking steps to prepare and adjust the website before i move away so that i can update several factors constantly and add new pages to the website while i am, you know, away!

Therefore factors such as the Character Gallery, Blue Burst Gallery, Forum, Phantasy Star Online Character Statistics page, etc. may see a few linkage problems while it does get updated. You may have already noticed if you used to view this website at night that the night-time design has gone to compensate for the changes and make life easier for me while im away! If you do see a problem, help me out by posting about it on the forum. I need your help guys ^_^

Until then ill see you next week for the last major Regeneration Tour update.

2nd August 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
This week, it's something quite big, unusually big infact, and no, i'm talking about the updates from!

For starters there's the new snaps as you'd expect on the PSO: Blue Burst gallery - There's over 70 new additions this week, including boss fights with both Olga Flow & the new Episode IV boss!!! They're a must see with now almost 400 to choose from altogether! Click Here to see them all!

Aswell as that, there is of course the update in the Regeneration Tour diary, which is finishing very soon as i finally got round to finishing off Tales of Symphonia, the game that triggered the whole idea, and with one ending, the other must too, co-incidentally tie-ing in with the time ill most likely be preparing for the University take off! :(

However, here is the biggest update of them all... today proudly presents the launch of...


Head over to this all new site to see an all new layout, and an all new atmosphere... did i mention its all new?

On this website, expect to see much bigger additions such as media like video's, and maybe music... but nothing ordinary of course, this is all the good stuff, the stuff that makes you laugh and laugh hard, because its just so silly!

Currently on the website is it's WWE Zone, where i've taken films from my own matches that make dam good viewing. See the likes of the WWE Superstars like Dinosaurman and the Tag Team of those people from the Fosters Adverts (With the silly hair!) who love to wrestle straight after Happy Hour!

Expect many more goodies there in the coming weeks too! And if there is anything you'd like to see featured there, give us a yell on the forums, whether it's a dream WWE match, maybe using the characters you've already seen from those video's, or whether its something you'd like to see from other games, or maybe something you've made yourself you'd like to see featured on the site - Let me know about it on the forums. :D

Well, that's enough for this week i think, so cheers for now!

25th July 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour! is back in business, by kicking off the updates today once again with more great Phantasy Star Online moments - 42 of them to be exact! This week we've sort of got a Barta special going on with many frozen enemies being the main attraction of the majorty of the snaps! With these shots, there's no a huge 325 PSO snaps altogether! Click Here to see them all!

Also this week there's a brand new gallery at last! The great Dynasty Warrior babes now have their own gallery right here on so go over there and get browsing at some of the greatest 'Before your time' computer generated hotties!

Finally this week of course, there are the updates in the diary! Cya next week.

19th July 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
With my computer crapping out on me just yesterday, i have very little to offer you all this week. I had some amazing Blue Burst snaps to show you this time with the recent expansion of Episode IV but unfortunately they went with much else of my computer. However with that said, i am able to bring to you a revised character gallery sector (Day Time only). With the recent changes in the Blue Burst & Chun-Li gallery, it makes sense to change the rest over. Theres a few more new piccies, while the rest of the non-fighter characters have been clumped together for one bigger gallery. There will be more characters added soon... hopefully next week. Also of course, there are the updates in the diary! Cya next week.

12th July 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
I've been away for a week for those who didn't know, thus explaining why there was no update last week on alongside the Regeneration Tour, i went to Portugal, and had a... very eventful trip to say the least! Thats why for this week's update, to make up for last week, we've brought you the whole story, from start to finish, complete with photo's as it happened. Click Here to go to Lee-yoshi's Trip to Portugal!

Aswell as that, we've got a blockbuster of new additions on the PSO: Blue Burst gallery, adding over 60 new snapshots, many of which are sure to make you lol! With Episode IV being released since the last update, expect to see much of this new episode, not only in this weeks batch, but in future weeks aswell ^_^

Click Here to go to the PSO: Blue Burst Snapshot Gallery
You'll want to start at Snap 220 for the new photog's!

Unfortunately that's all for this week though, because i've been hella busy with other bits since i've been back, so next week expect the new updates concerning the galleries, if not sooner by some stroke of luck! Also finally check out the small update with the Regeneration Diary here. Cheers!

28th June 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
Bloody hell, i hope you're paying attention bucko, because what i've been slaving away over today should have been the update of the year!

The biggest change over comes in the way all the galleries are/will be looking. For example, the Blue Burst Gallery (Aswell as now having 213 snapshots, an extra 20ish for this week!) has been altered so you now wont be required to find the last number you were on to click onto the next one, incase you were getting a bit lost in all the PSO digits, because an Image Viewer has been intergrated into the website/pages, so you can view them all in one easily managable... way! You could even watch them all with just a single click using the slideshow feature if you show wished instead!

Aswell as this new image viewer being used on the Blue Burst gallery, it's also being tried and tested on the beautiful Chun-Li's Gallery page. There's now seperate pages for animated and Cos Playing Chun-Li's, both with extra images to view aswell as if a new way to look at them wasn't enough (And what extra nice Cos Playing pictures i have obtained ^_^;;)!

Please let me know if you think this is a much better way of showing them off, and also if there's any other great female characters you'd love to see get the spotlight as more galleries come your way, hopefully next week! The other galleries have not yet been touched so please let me know if the new image viewer is better or not by next monday either through e-mail by contacting or on the forums. Cheers!

But wait, there's more! As if that wasn't enough, i've only gone and altered the way you view the fan works aswell! If you havent a clue what i'm on about, get over there and check out the amazing reading material featuring the astounding failure crew right now by clicking here, or if you do know what im talking about, go and have a look at the nice new layout anywho!

Finally before i go, there's also another update with the World Regeneration Tour Diary, so go read up about what else i've been doing this week with an amazing revelation. It seems now that Phantasy Star Online isn't the only game i'm playing! Ciao for now!

21st June 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
I've been a very busy person this week indeed what with the GoldCoast Oceanfest (Including a shocking appearance from Nintendo! Cool ^_^) (With a special little feature in this page with images and links to more!) and playing just about every game under the sun!

The Regeneration Tour Diary can be found here, containing just about all i can remember from this week (A good read!), with still more updates this week to the PSO Blue Burst Gallery. This week new additions include the security camera, and, well, lots of Episode II! Visit the gallery, here with now over 190 snaps altogether! Enjoy!

14th June 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
I'm back online - Ho-Fricken'-Rah! However because of this, i devoted most of my time to catching up with the amazing Blue Burst, even though the BETA came to an end just days after getting back on. Oh well, the full versions out now, and ive well and truely got my game on!

The Regeneration Tour Diary can be found here, with again the other update this week being of course to the PSO Blue Burst Gallery, with there now totalling over 145 snapshots!!! This week new additions include the revenge of the rappies, and me on holiday! Visit the gallery, here! Enjoy!

7th June 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
Unfortunately, not very much at all for this week people i'm afraid, as i have been without proper internet access for a few days now... NOOOOOO!!! WHEN WILL THIS PAIN STOP!!!

However, the Regeneration Tour Diary can be found here, with the other update this week being of course to the PSO Blue Burst Gallery, also for the first time with an addition of a friend of mines snapshot. Check out all 110 snaps if you havent already by visiting the gallery, here! Enjoy!

31st May 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
The Regeneration Tour really took its toll with me this week as, well, the updates speak for themselves.

While it comes increasingly harder for me to use my usual method of connecting to the internet, with me now not being able to view any sites whatsoever as i type this, due to technical problems, all of my focus has turned to developing this website offline. What did i spend my time doing? Well, there's a few more Blue Burst snapshots in the Blue Burst Gallery, theres an all new improved Phantasy Star Online statistics page, improved from the down and out, as it now includes characters from all my versions of Phantasy Star Online, Episodes I, II, & III: C.A.R.D. Revolution, and Blue Burst. Also improved greatly are tiny technical bits around the website. The graphics have been adjusted on a few buttons and the menu has been revamped so it looks the proper business. But however, by far the biggest and best new feature of the website is at night! By taking a trip to the introduction page at between certain times at night, you'll notice in the moonlight for the all-nighter, 24/7 baby!

Of course, the Regeneration Tour Diary can be found here, ending todays update. What an update i think you'll agree, and i want to hear it proper bo n all, so make it loud and clear by using the forums! Enjoy!

24th May 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
Ive gone insane in the membrane with Blue Burst snapping, as last weeks gallery has had a massive 45 pictures added to it! Did you get your game on with me anytime last week? If so, take a peek at the great Blue Burst gallery to see if you're in any! Why, even if you dont like Phantasy Star Online, you should still look, because some are just hella funny, and hella silly! Such items include Freeze Frames, Rappy assasination, and the introduction of the AOL Cup! Take a peek at the gallery by clicking here!

Of course, this weeks updates wouldnt be complete without the Regeneration Tour diary, so click here for that. Some great updates are coming, just hold on will ya! Blimey!

17th May 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
More Blue Burst gaming has occured - I dont think ill ever be able to rid it from my PC now! However, it is the main inspiration for this weeks Regeneration Tour update. Annoucning the opening of the Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Gallery! Dont forget to read up about the weeks activities in the Regeneration Tour Diary. Cya Next Week!

11th May 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
The release of PSO: Blue Burst has meant that even less has happened off-site, except on anyways, where my PSO life conquers all! But regardless of all the time i spend there, i still manage to get other things done for the Regeneration Tour! New to this week is 'Fun with Microwaves'! View exactly what you shouldnt do with a microwave in the form of images and videos, on this webpage! Also dont forget to check out this weeks Regeneration Tour Diary either, where i've been informed of sad news by Tripod (Lycos) that my website -, is to be closed down in 15 days time because of inactivity :(

3rd May 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
Due to developments of huge proportions in the Phantasy Star Online world, i haven't been that active in the world regeneration tour... HAHA YEA WOTEVER MATE! Just look at the news post below, thats right, a big character gallery update, so in your face! You can view all the action of the Regeneration tour this previous week in my Regeneration Tour Diary, and also have a sneeky peek at what to expect next week as an update to Enjoy!

30th April 2005

Unbelivably, one of the biggest parts of this website is the character gallery, mainly because of the pictures, but once you go there, you dont tend to go back because you've seen them all. And lets be honest here, it wouldnt have taken you long, what with about 10 pictures altogether, but now, after all this time, the character gallery has now been updated with more pictures then ever before! No new characters have been added, just a lot of images to existing ones. Added are more piccies of Chun-Li (Including Look-a-likes!), Link, Mai (Including look-a-likes!), Pikachu (Including the Pikachu-Mobile!), Sakura, Yoshi, Yuri, and a load of new Phantasy Star Online Art! Its definately worth checking out, and also, unlike other corporate websites (:p), these dont have my name or website logo splashed across them! You could almost say the character gallery has been... regenerated! So go discover them all, NOW!

Aswell as that, my good friend Faulkie now has also started his own tripod website. You can catch a early glimpse of it here, then watch it develop into something beautiful like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly (Thats right isnt it?). You'll find it linked from my own site, here!

26th April 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
The Tour has been a week in activity as it kicked off last week, so just to get everyone started off, its just a small update this week in the form of the first Tour Diary! Read up on my events of Regeneration over the past week, and then post about it, or anything else in the forums. Then come back next week as there will be a nice update for this very site :D

Click Here to go to the Regeneration Tour Diary!

19th April 2005

Its the Regeneration Tour!
Can you believe its been over 2 months since the last update here! ITS INSANE! I've been spending far too much time over at Phantasy Star Online fansite recently obviously, and forgotten all about other such forums i used to visit and other websites i used to appear on, including my website, and of course, this one!!

Well thats all about to change bud, as the World Regeneration Tour is here! No, it's not a cheesy rip-off from Tales of Symphonia... well maybe... but the mission is the same... to regenerate the places i have forgotten about!

How do i plan to do this? Well every Tuesday i will post here with a great update, and a diary of what exactly i've done with my week, so you can follow the events of the World Regeneration Tour! You can head on over to the official Tour page right here for a little more info!

As a update today though... as was most requested in the most recent poll done just after new years, now comes with a FORUM! Please post in this free to join forum to post amongst others who browse this wonderful website, and help this small site become, slightly bigger! Click Here to go to the forum!

See you next Tuesday! ;)

12th February 2005

It doesnt get much better when gaming, why? Because i said so, dont disrespect, its my website and what i say goes, so nanananana.

Oh yea, anyways, added fresh today as promised, a brand new gaming page, full of carnage, as Burnout 2 gets profiled! The main reason is just so i could put loads of videos involving high speed crashes up for you to all watch, and you should cos theres some dam good mayhem in them vids! Anyhoo, get on over to the Burnout 2: Point of Impact game page right now, before you waste anymore precious rubber burning time!

Also added fresh for today, is a whole bunch of brand spanking new Signature images ive been using as of late on various forums. Yes thats right, the HUmar themed signatures are all stuck on one easy to view page, it should belong in the Tate Modern Art Gallery, and i should be charging admission, but i dont, because im one hell of a nice guy! The Signature page can be found right here!

6th February 2005

Now Boarding
While the 1080 page is being assembled here, you've been happily browsing over to the 1080 page on Cheers for that, but now an update is here with a fresh new 1080 page especially for including more screenshots, and downloadable movies of gameplay, so enjoy!

Click Here to go to the 1080 Avalanche page.

On the note of game pages, be sure to come back next weekend for more updates of the gaming kind!

1st February 2005

Move over, Symphonia
As Janury ends, so does Tales of Symphonia month, but the one month specials dont end there, because we keep up the winter cheer by making February 1080 Avalanche month! Watch this space for game page updates, but for now, enjoy the 1080 review over at

23rd Janurary 2005

Get your fix, son,
One loyal viewer has got in contact, in the search for pimpulization, we my son, 'Pimp My Pride' is here for you!

Three of his items sent to us, were immediately handed over to 'Pimp HQ' here, and returned to us with, all blinged up! Joseph 'Pimp Daddy' Raleigh, you've been pimped, feel good dont it? :p

If you've got items you'd like to be pimped up then send 'em this way! All the details you need are on the fantastic 'Pimp My Pride' pages, but if you're just not sure if this is for you, then take at browse at what we've done to Josephs items, clickin right here!

18th Janurary 2005

Yet another FailFic!
It seems like there isnt a moment when another FailFic is in development, and thats because there isnt! The Failure Crew is all unemployed, so it's not like there's not much else to do is there?

This brings us to today's update... yes you guessed it, with all this talk of another FailFic, its not gonna be a free banana is it? Read the one... and only chapter so far of FailFic 'Failstein' right here. Oh wait, there's two, my mistake!

9th Janurary 2005

Christmas in Janurary? You better believe it!
The new year has just begun, so it can only mean one thing - Christmas is here for the Failure Crew! Read up about the christmas adventure entitled 'A Christmas Failure' right now - containing strong language... like dur!

Click Here to go to 'A Christmas Failure'

1st Janurary 2005

Happy New Year!
You were all expecting a word or two sooner or later wernt you now, well here it is! Coming at you each month is a special update in which goes under a certain theme. This month you may have noticed is Tales of Symphonia month, going by the game released late last year by Namco for Nintendo Gamecube - a great game you must play if you get the chance! Coming this month is a game page devoted especially to it containing screenshots, music, movies, and more. Theme-wise you may have noticed the take-over of the top banner, aswell as Tales of Symphonia midi, which you can stop at anytime by clicking the 'Stop' block in the media player underneath the navigation menu on each webpage (Media player determined by your computers default midi media player - e.g. Windows Media Player/Quicktime).

Also this month, we see the launch of a brand new feature entitled 'Pimp My Pride'! Got something which looks tatty and boring, or seen someone elses junk which could do with a good 'pimpin''? Well send us a picture of it and we'll get it pimped to the max for you within the image so you could look at what potential the item in question has! Whether its cuddely toys, beds, computers, or even doors, drawers, or a plain old speed camera you notice on roadside, send us a picture, and we'll post a result of it right here on - Pimped Out! (Pimp My Pride is in no way associated with the TV Series 'Pimp My Ride' on MTV - Although its an idea gained from the show!). Click Here to know more on how to enter Pimp My Pride and all the info about it!. Why not also tell your friends while you're at it? :p

9th December 2004

Christmas Updates for all!
Keeping you all in Yuletide spirit, Lee-yoshi's coming at you with more christmas cheer! Take a peeky at the 'Christmas Recommendations Special' where everything you should miss this christmas as far as music and T.V. go is listed in one easy to view compilation, aswell as listing everything you shouldnt have missed this year music wise!

Also the Random Phrases above have been re-randomised with added christmas cheer. Enjoy 'em!

9th December 2004

Technician Yoshi here, just to let you folks know, has been undergoing a lot of technical updates here, things you may not have noticed, such as the complete website changeover from html to php. If you spot any pages with broken links, images not working, faulty pages, that kinda thing, please let me know by E-Mailing
The website should now be easier to use, and quicker to load, aswell as being a lot easier for good ol' Lee-yoshi to update, of which i've seen a lot in the works coming your way soon i expect.

Anyhoo, Cheers for now!

6th December 2004

For all those who previously loved the midi's playing on, but have now maybe gotten a bit sick of hearing the same ones time and time again... you'll be pleased to know all the midi's have changed! No longer will you hear the same ol same ol, there's new tunes, from new games, to enjoy listening away too, but can you guess them all?

Others may like to know im currently working on brand new themes for for the new year... something to look forward to indeed i tell you all, you wont want to miss out!

1st December 2004

Christmas Closing Up!
To celebrate, all of my websites have gone chrimbo! Check out the new christmas deccies? Nice eh? You'll also find some on other websites controlled by me including and local Saunton Sands Surf Life Saving

Enjoy, some seasonal updates are coming your way soon!
Also if your a Phantasy Star Online fan, check out for a festive Advent Calendar with special items to take home each day until christmas run by yours truely :p

Merry Christmas!

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