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1080 Avalanche is the sequel to the original 1080 snowboarding game on the Nintendo64, and what a great game that was, so imagine how great this game is!

SSX can eat its own hat, because EAs best snowboarding title doesnt even match to the magnificence of Ninty's boarding game, as avalanche is the best of its kind on the market.

If your not sure why, well then your an idiot, but let me spell it out for you :p

Graphics on this game are a reason to buy it alone. The sheer smoothness of the gameplay makes you think you could actually be covered in snow yourself, before shortly realising its just a game! On the subject of gameplay, you wont find a better snowboarding game out there. 1080 Avalanche see's you trick away at any jumping opportunity you can find to perform the most insane stunts, while at the sametime ride through gates in the gate challenge, collect bright orange coins in time trial mode, or race others in the championship mode on courses with as many obstacles as you can think of! Smashing through signs and bins, colliding with skiers, other snowboarders, or deers, rabbits, and squirrels, or even avoiding huge icicles thrown down at you while your riding though or racing the avalanche behind you to the finish (Not to be tried at home kids!), theres enough to do for anyone to feel an adrenaline rush!

Want another reason? Amazing soundtrack (which you can listen to either at the incredibly quick loading screen, pause menu, or other points), play against other people with a Gamecube in LAN mode, unlockable boarders and boards, many different courses in all shapes and forms, and even a bloody music video to watch if your not satisfied!

All in all this is the only snowboarding game you need to wet your appetite, so even if you dont like snowboarding, BUY NOW!


Windows Media Player Time, Player!Click to View/Download!Windows Media Player Time, Player!

Windows Media Player Time, Player!Intro Sequence
5.5MB/2mins 17secs

Windows Media Player Time, Player!Full Race at Ski School!
3.91MB/1min 32secs

Windows Media Player Time, Player!Time Trial & How its done!
2.67MB/1mins 3secs