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WTF is Get's?

"Who's the crazy Japanese guy who keeps pointing at me with a psychotic look on his face as if he's about to kill me?!" I hear you scream... he's of course Dandy Sakano! Who is he? He's the inventor of a Japanese fad from years ago otherwise known as the... Get's!

How to Play:

To play Get's is simple! All you've got to do is point in a certain direction with both hands at the time the page above refreshes (When the countdown hits zero/you hit the button), and if you point in a different direction, congratulations! Just don't point in the same direction, otherwise, you're out!

How many times can you go in a row without going out against the Get'sin Machine? And why not try a bit of multiplayer with friends! It's all of you against the machine - Everyone Get's at the time the page refreshes (Or otherwise!) and last one out, wins!

To get started, simply hit the 'Start' button!

Happy Get's!

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