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Pimp My Pride is the hottest thing to come to you since... fire - and thats hot stuff!

Bored of those useless and glum looking items, just sitting there collecting dust? Well, get 'em Pimped!

Send a picture of your item, whether its yours, a friends, a relations, or even the local councils, and we'll pimp it up, posting a result image of it on showing you exactly what potential it has!

E-Mail all items to the address shown at the bottom of this page with the topic 'Pimp My Pride' as the subject.

The image must be of fairly decent quality, and include with the e-mail your name, location, and why your item deserves to be pimped, including any other photo's you may have to back up your claim!

You can enter as many items as you like, but one item per e-mail please! There is no age limits, No Purchase Necessary, and No Salesman will call, so what have you got to lose!

Your Stuff Pimped

Joseph 'Pimp Daddy' Raleigh
Send us your stuff!

Here's some examples of 'Pimpulization':

Pikachu gets the real bling bling, he sure wont be alone on a saturday night kitted out like this! Real pimp-hat with the shiny bling including necklace and arm/finger rings.
why not check out the people your hanging with to make sure you're in the right crowd because with those glasses you'll never be in the wrong place. The scan everyone around you and tell you if their pimp like you!

Phones, just look at what it used to be... now getta loada this man, its the real bling! You'll never want to leave its side, even if you dont get called that much! The paint restyling makes it real shiny, so to attract all the right people - i tell you, people will ring you just to have the priviledge of being associated with it. "Hey Man, Are you talking on your pimped phone? For Real!" are the constant questions you'll now be getting when you get any call!

Check out these stairs, quite radical i think you'll agree. Each step you take gets you further to pimp-heaven!
Note the new glittery colour scheme on the stairs carpet, each step installed with special monitors that sense the style your walking up the stairs. When you reach the top, a specially installed screen withdraws from the cieling displaying how much wiegth you've lost calculating your weight, time taken, and steps taken. Now you can workout with your pimped out stairway!

Please do not damage any owners items while photographing them. accepts no responsibility for the results of any actions taken during this promotion. Finally, realise that we do not actually redesign the actual items, just images of the items to show you what they COULD look like! One Entry per E-Mail. Your e-mail address is not kept or distributed, except in the sense of sending replies one-way.

All images, logo's and information used are all property of their respective owner and are used respectively. For more information, visit the 'About' page.