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Bullsh*t, Beers & Broken Bottles!

Movie Time!All videos are .wmv files and require Windows Media Player to view. All videos will be streamed from unless you download them (Right Mouse Click: 'Save Target As...' - Recommended for best viewing!)Movie Time!

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It's a day not long after New Years Eve in 2006, and here are the events of beers - Presenting a random trip around these pleasent villages, it's Bullshit & Broken Bottles!

Movie Time!Bullsh*t, Beers & Broken Bottles... The Trailer!

A nice, untampered with, 125Mb Hard Drive!

Accidents waiting to happen with really weren't they!


No-one has even tampered with that sign! Disabled people eh?!

Where the F**k are we?!

Random Snapshots really showing the nicer side of North Devon!

Things that make you go, Oooooh!

Movie Time!Bullsh*t on Video!

Movie Time!Broken Bottles Bonanza Video!

Movie Time!Broken Bottles Bonanza Video! (Higher Quality)

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