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Xbox360! w00t!

It's Xbox360!

Before you ask, no i didn't get it for free (Thanks to no-one! *sigh*), but in any case, the Xbox360 has finally landed and with it comes the new generation of console gaming, so to speak!

"But wait, hold the phone, did he just say he's got an Xbox360?... Lee-yoshi has got an Xbox360?... Is this the same guy we all know best for Nintendo goodness?"

Yes, this is still Lee-yoshi, best known for his Nintendoness, and i'm not giving that up *Hugs Gamecube* but as Nintendo's next home entertainment console comes in the form of the Nintendo Revolution, i fear that for the best games, i'm going to need more then just that one console. While the new and innovative control methods and more come complete with loads more features, there is no doubt in my mind that other franchises and games that i know and love won't work or evolve unless they're done with typical control methods and deeper gameplay. This is where the Xbox360 comes into play my friends!

While maybe not as great a console as everyone may think, with Microsoft claiming it to do just about everything, while me trying to do lots but failing miserably (Stupid piece of...), games are looking great, and i wish to share the greatness with you! To this end i've especially created 2 videos just for you wonderful browsers out there made from the 2 games i own, Perfect Dark: Zero (Like, dur!) and Need for Speed: Most Wanted! If i may say so, the best video to watch are definately the Need for Speed ones because it's always a laugh!

Perfect Dark: Zero

Yep, FINALLY the sequel... or should i say prequel (Well, it's taken so long to be made i think time has actually started again hasn't it?) to the Nintendo64 masterpiece is out in shops to actually buy! When first picking it up and playing it, i was shocked. It was the biggest piece of shit i'd ever played (Sorry for putting that so bluntly there!), but however after getting into it a bit it suddenly becomes a lot more managable and a much better game, to almost be worthy of the Perfect Dark series link.

The video on offer is the highlights of 2 deathmatches from when i thought it sucked donkey balls and was so lame at it blind people could have walked into the room and laughed at me, pointing those big white sticks at me while doing so. The video also includes the introduction sequence which is pretty nice however regardless, enjoy!

Not too Perfect, but not too Dark!

You've read the text & seen the pictures, well now download the movie!Click Here to Download
[27.6Mb| 7Mins 42Sec]

Need for Speed: Most Wanted
EA have finally done something right and returned Need for Speed back to when it was at it's best... with teh coppahs! Yea, while it's still really aimed at the people who can't spell with it's lovely rap and blabbedyblabbedyblab soundtrack, the game is brought back to life by the fact that police chases are back in full throttle. The Xbox360 itself even helps the game now you can alter any game by listening to your own soundtrack from your 360's HardDrive so i don't have to put up with Big G and Lil' P or whoever features or the track listings with those kind of foolish names! What else is great about this game? Well there's lots of lovely high speed racing, the fact that you can smash through lots of... stuff! Oh, and the game also features bullet time... yup, that's right... bullet time, like the matrix, in a racing game... ok! Actually it's pretty handy to use when turning around tight corners but apart from that it's there really just as an funny extra... i should have thought.

The video in offer comes in 2 forms! That's right dawgs! There's one version with the introduction sequence and a police chase of me making a getaway as fast as possible making as little other damage as possible... in a manner of speaking. The second form of the video on offer is the getaway police chase again, but because it's just so good and hilarious, this version also comes with on-board text commentary from your's truely, Lee-yoshi!

ver.1 + Intro! Flashy!Ver.2, it's all true!

You've read the text & seen the pictures, well now download the movie!Click Here to Download Ver.1
[37.5Mb| 10Mins 26Sec]

You've read the text & seen the pictures, well now download the movie!Click Here to Download Ver.2
[33.3Mb| 9Mins 13Sec]

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