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Page Contents: Fun with Fire! | More Fun with Fire!

Fun With Fire!
Don't do this at home kids!

Movie Time!All videos are .wmv files and require Windows Media Player to view. All videos will be streamed from unless you download them (Right Mouse Click: 'Save Target As...' - Recommended for best viewing!)Movie Time!

There's only one way to deal with 7 years of school and college work that'll never ever be needed again... guess what it is!

Movie Time!Fun with Fire... The Trailer!

Fun with Fire! Snapshot Gallery (Part 1)

Movie Time!R.I.P. R.E!

Movie Time!Bonjour French!

Movie Time!Portable Flamethrower - The Lynx Effect!

Movie Time!Introduction CD... I love CD's!

Movie Time!Retrieving and disposing of red hot technology pratical work!

Movie Time!Retrieving and disposing of a red hot compass!


More Fun With Fire!
Burning Random Shite!

Click the Piccies below to make them grow in size - Oooooh!

Fork Handle

Saw & Co.



Umm... Untitled

Movie Pleasure!

Movie Time!Boot Melting!

Movie Time!Bottle Burning!

Movie Time!Lighter Lighting!

Movie Time!Saw Torching!

Movie Time!Swingin'!

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