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The Burnout series is one hell of a great series of games, its just such a shame they were bought out by the ever dominant EA *sniff*

That doesn't stop us from living the good life though, so using the Nintendo Gamecube version of the brilliant Burnout 2: Point of Impact (Published by Acclaim!), here are some screenshots and videos of high speed crashes and races we all love (Done by a Student Driver - does not recommend drivers behaving in this manner on the roads, especially while taking your test - unless you're filming it to send to us!).


If i crash, im taking everyone else with me!Bus Crunching Action
Up, Up, and Away!Oh No! That Trucks lost his tyre!!!

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Pathetic Crash!

True Carnage!

Double Whammy!

It doesn't get much better!

Wait for it...
2.66MB/1min 3secs

High Speed Races
(With Crashes!)

A full-length race
6.68MB/2min 49secs