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Tales of Symphonia is a brand new adventure from Namco's Tales Studio, available only on Nintendo Gamecube.

This Cel-Shaded RPG see's you take on the role of several characters, you choosing who you'd like to play as anytime in the game! The main cast revolves around Lloyd Irving, Colette Brunel, Genis Sage, Raine Sage, and Kratos Aurion, with more joining you along the way, who are on a constant quest of regenerating the world to rid it of evil. While on their journey they keep coming across a race known as the Desians who take humanity by the ropes and turn them into slaves by dragging them from their villages across the worlds to their branches of 'Human Ranches'. What kind of regeneration quest wouldn't involve a plot to take them out at the same time eh?

"The Regeneration Quest?" i hear you ask. Well it involves travelling the world to unlock several 'Seals' opening the skies above. However the 'seals' are guarded each by a certain monster of some kind (You could call them bosses!). On the quest, as seals are unlocked, you'll find many towns with many secrets, and opening the seals themselves, Colette comes across her actual father - i won't say anymore, you'll have to play it!

Great things about this game? The battle system for one, which unlike most games of this type, gets you into a battle system with 100% action all the time - None of this stand there and throw monsters at each other taking turns, oh no - Its get in there and do some damage time! While fighting you can also use items, setup strategies your team can take, or you could play as each one of them! Customising each of your teams characters with weaponary, armour, and magic abilities really takes the game to a whole new level.

Tales of Symphonia also has a LOT of playability in it. You'll be playing for days on end to complete this 2-disc adventure! When you buy this game, you may also wanna buy coffe with it, cos once you start, you won't want to stop! With the long adventure, and hundreds of side-quests, it never ends.

Put simply, this is a great game, with a great soundtrack, and should be in your video game collection now, so run down to a video game store, or browse over to a video game stores website (while returning back here after!) and purchase A.S.A.P!

Why not take this time to view some great in-game screenshots taken by yours truely, or view the even greater videos showing the game in action! Well if you wanna, keep on scrolling:


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You've read the text & seen the pictures, well now download the movie!Intro Sequence
7.65MB/2mins 22secs

You've read the text & seen the pictures, well now download the movie!Battle Action

You've read the text & seen the pictures, well now download the movie!Luin
inc. Crossroads Shop

You've read the text & seen the pictures, well now download the movie!Travel Movie
inc. A discussion on washtubs!
6.05MB/1mins 46secs

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