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Rise of the P.E.R.M. Empire
Another 'Bahamut' Classic!

A story about the failure crew! Read about their adventures including a german guy, Mr. T, and many lame but funny jokes! Also comes free with insane plotlines (For a limited time only).

A Short Tale of the MineSweeper Kind!
By 'Bahamut' a.k.a. Stan or Queenie :p

A story about the young Lee-yoshi as he goes insane after playing a bit too much MineSweeper!

The Knights of the Failed Table
By George Phillips (AKA Dr Screwupalot)

Another fic for the Failure Crew! This time they take on the life of royal family upon 'Failos', but things soon take a turn for the... silliest!

A Christmas Failure
Dr Screwupalot

Its Christmas, and what better way then to spend it then with the failure crew, if they remember its christmas at all, which they dont, because they're all pretty much a bunch of fags. Also co-starring a fat git in a red jacket, a man who likes wearing tights, and of course Mr. T!

Dr Screwupalot

Close encounters, of the failed kind, yup, they're all in here! In need of a cheap rip-off, and batman? Then this is the story for you!

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